Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a high school student, I know tests such as state testing, district testing, and even college entrance exams are a huge part of the academic curriculum. Many students such as myself have problems when it comes to prep for those big test days.
When I prepare for a test the first thing I do is make sure I am in a "clean" environment. What I mean by "clean" doesn't just involve a room or space is decluttered but, you also must put into consideration, space is free of to much noise, you are comfortable yet alert and it wouldn't hurt to have someone who can assist you. After finding a good spot, set a time frame on how long you want to study for. Having a weekly agenda written out on how long, on what days and what subjects you will study is also a great preparation. Now that you have set a time and subject it is time to get down to business. When preparing to actually study for the test you should carefully read the notes that you have taken in class over the specific unit(s) you may be testing over. Once you've read the notes go back in and look at things you don't understand. This is when that study buddy or parent may come into play. Ask them questions and have them to thoroughly explain each piece. You now have completely looked over your notes, referred to your textbook, you may take things upon yourself to do some practice. You can go onto Quizlet.com and Mometrix.com, look up the subject on which you are studying. Both sites provide you to do study guides, fun activities and much more functional study resources. As well as notes, making flashcards is one of the most effective to review vocabulary terms and making up acronyms to remember important phrases or information. Other tips I may give do not procrastinate, make little songs and or dances to remember things and watch for clues or hints that a teacher may give out about the assignment.
Taking these tips into your preparation day you can conquer any and every test or assignment.

Tamia from Texas
High School Senior
Wilowridge High School