Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am not the greatest test taker out there so preparing for a test is difficult for me personally. I have to come up with ways to help me study because sitting and staring at a review sheet will not help me. One thing I do a lot before tests is flashcards! Sounds so simple but I put a little bit of a twist on my flashcards. I will write down words and definitions and such on the card but I also write down another word or two that reminds me of that specific word or phrase that I need to remember. One of my teachers back in high school gave me this idea and I have used it ever since! For example, one time I was learning where certain muscles where in the body. One specific muscle that is on the inside of your thigh is called the "Gracilis". To remember this I cam up with a little story, when a cute guy puts his hand on the inside of your leg while sitting next to each other I will say "Gracias." Sounds so silly but that is one of the main muscles I remember learning about from that class which I took over a couple of years ago! Little tings like that is what helps me prepare for my tests. It keeps my brain engaged while I also have a great time studying for my test!

Kamryn from Utah
College Junior
Dakota Wesleyan