Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

If I don't prepare myself for a test, I know that I will struggle to get a passing grade on it because I have to work hard for the grade that I want. So, I have implemented a schedule in order to get ready for an upcoming exam. First, I like to put myself into an uplifting and comfortable environment and remove distractions so I can study at my best. Making sure I'm in a room with plenty of light and a clean space has had a huge impact on how well I study. I start studying days in advance so I'm not cramming a lot of information into my brain all at once the night before the test. I've found that studying in increments of 20 minutes with a few short breaks in between works to my advantage. Rewriting my notes helps me gain a better understanding of the content I am learning and memorize it in an easier way. However, the thing that I have come to realize that will help me most is getting at least eight hours of sleep the night before so I can be well-rested while I take the assessment. When I am well-rested my head is much clearer and I can remember the material. Using these various habits to prepare for a test has not only made me prosper in school, but it has prepared me to do well in college.

Lacey from Idaho
High School Senior