Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

After knowing when the exam will take place, then you start to plan.
By knowing the type of exam you will be taking, say an AP exam or SAT, you will know the categories you will be tested on. Let us take for example the AP Exam for Calculus AB. You have already been committing to taking the class, proving you are serious about your education. A book to self study is not a bad idea. It will focus on the things that you have to learn and not just stick to the things that are given for you to learn. I recommend studying an area where it is quiet and away from your bed, phone, and people. When inside a classroom at school, notes should always be taken and reviewed that same day. Personally, it gives me a better understanding of what I am doing. When you do not understand a certain area, ask for help. I would recommend asking a teacher or somebody you feel comfortable with.
Reviewing by yourself and in class during school and at home might get a little stressful. Distracting yourself is alright, but not too long. You must train yourself to beat procrastination and know when to stop having fun and get to work. It builds responsibility and seriousness towards yourself and the aspects of adulthood. Start by setting a timer to twenty to forty minutes. Once the alarm goes off, stop your entertainment and get to work. Little by little, this small step towards responsibility will pay off
Lastly, I would recommend having a list of the things you will do that day. A list showing you the things that are due today and the things you can do later that day. This helps you clear your mind and focusing on one thing at a time. Multitasking is really difficult. It is better focusing on one thing and doing it right than focusing on a lot of things and completing them. This setup worked for me due to it having a flexible schedule with lesser limits to myself, but at the same time helping me become aware and focus of what I was doing. I had to train to overcome.

Omar from California
High School Senior
New Designs Charter School