Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Hello, I am Briana C. Norris and I am a current college freshman. I lived with my mom because my dad and my mom were never married. This greatly affected my life emotionally while growing up. I have conquered these difficulties by staying positive and turning growing pains into learning experiences I will always remember. My mom and dad always encouraged me to do my best, especially when I participated in extracurricular activities. Being in organizations and different teams in school since eighth grade made me want to work harder to do my best. I have been told that I have always had a great work ethic. I would say that having determination is expressed in my behavior for striving for better in the classroom.
Education had great importance in my community. I knew this because I learned an early lesson from most elders that lived in my community. The lesson was that the more education I am able to obtain the more I am able to have enough financial stability for myself that I am able to help others who may not have the same stability. This was the reasoning behind why so many people even now say “stay in school”.To stay in school and progress as time pass I had no choice put to keep good grades. In school I understood early that my grade averages contain a high percentage of test grades. Depending on my performance on those tests that percentage could make my average grade better or worse than what it was. To be prepared for those test I male sure I review the content at least within a week in advance. I made flash cards if I had to remember key terms and made up little comments about important people names that had a possibility of being on an upcoming test. To remember processes such as formulas in chemistry and math, I had no choice but to practice until it came by second nature. Recently in college I learned another way to prepare for my biology tests, I did my homework the regular way by looking up the answers, then I would print another copy of the homework and fill in what I could remember. With what I couldn’t remember I would figure out what the answers were by looking them up and keeping in mind that those were the concepts I would study more than others. So, when the test came, I would be prepared. did not take my education seriously just for a temporary reward like candy. I am the kind of student that look forward to a permanent reward, which was a career. I have also done extracurricular activities outside of school, in church and programs that involve me in different activities to help various communities. This made me think to myself how could I give back to at least one of these communities. The primary career I would like to take is in the medical professions; a dermatologist. To be a dermatologist later in life would take at least thirteen years of college, hence why I have taken dual enrollment classes before I started attending Auburn University at Montgomery. My aspirations in life are to set goals, make them, and enjoy the experience while sometimes being challenged. I know things might not be easy but worth doing. Tests were one of the challenges I faced in school.

Briana from Alabama
College Sophomore
Auburn University at Montgomery