Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In the second week of my junior year of high school, I received the worst grade I had ever gotten. I was never particularly good with science, but I was always able to attain a decent grade by glancing through my notes or watching videos on YouTube. This grade acted as a wakeup call against my lazy study habits as I hastily searched the internet for new ways to prepare for tests. Online lectors seldom worked as I was easily distracted and had little time between my job and other classes. When we were assigned to read sections of the textbook, I found it difficult to decipher which parts were important and which were not. It was not until I found online resources with pre-written study guides and exam-style tests that I began seeing improvements to my grades. Regarding study guides, I found the material to be far more concise and understandable than the textbooks. When I needed to study for exams, I would physically copy the study guide multiple times on paper until I felt that I truly understood the topic. While study guides were extremely helpful in memorizing concepts, I found flashcards valuable when it came to studying definitions. Online flashcards were essential for many of my science courses as I repeated the same process of re-writing these definitions until I memorized them. While these methods were extraordinarily beneficial for me when it came to understanding topics, I still had many issues with the format of exams. Whether it be a small quiz in a class or a standardized test, I often found myself to fidget and forget answers due to anxiety. That’s when I realized that I needed to study the content as well as the test conditions. Online exams that mirrored my classes were hard to come by, but I found websites like Mometrix extremely helpful as their exams closely resembled the same level of difficulty as my actual tests. With each of these methods, I was able to raise my grades by full grade letters over a relatively short amount of time.

Megan from Ohio
High School Senior
Coffman High School