Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

After a good night sleep, I wake up -- well-rested and driven -- to over easy eggs with a sprinkle of pepper, all thanks to my mother. She understands a full protein intake helps boost my day. When I do begin studying, it's in complete tranquility, unless you count the blasting music I turn on in my headphones. It helps me stay focused and the harmonious tones not only calm me but support me. One of the many test strategies I use is the mark-the-question method: if I have even the slightest problem on a question, I rewrite it in my question notebook, and ask my teacher to explain and elaborate. See, many students try to dodge and ignore their weaknesses, but this does not help you whatsoever. Make sure you feel fully confident on each topic before you take an exam. Another method I use is the endless question method, where all I do is constant practice problems, so I am ready and prepared for anything. To go a little beyond and be extra while studying helps in the long run. No matter what method you use, use what works for you.

Ammaar from Virginia
High School Senior
Brooke Point High