Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The pressure hunts at the back of my head when I have a big test coming up. So, I begin to study early, one chapter at a time. I go to my bedroom door where I won’t be disturbed with the sunshine rays projecting into the room. I personally love the idea of getting some sunlight while studying because it helps me reduce the stress of having a big test. The exposure to sunlight causes serotonin, which is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused. Studying in the dark just makes me feel sleepy so I consider having my room’s curtain drawn to get exposure to sunlight.
I sit on a comfy chair in my room next to a workable table. After I settle down with all the necessities I need to study, I open my notes, my textbook, and take out a piece of paper. I make sure everything is organized to start studying. Sometimes, if it works for you, I turn on some peaceful music. Relaxing music makes my hours of study more productive and relaxes my body by reducing stress and tension. I also keep my distance from my phone so I can focus.
After getting my music set up, I open my textbook and start reading the chapter. I believe reading the chapter is an essential part of studying because it helps understand the concept. As I read along, I like to compare it to my notes to fully grasp the points made.
The chapters consist of many pages and information. I find it helpful to make my own notes on significant concepts. Also, writing down information is a memorization technique that helps me remember a higher proportion of key facts. After I’m done reading the chapter, I usually look over the notes again to test if there was a concept I missed one or didn’t understand.
I study the same way for the other chapters and on the test day, I look over the notes I made on the piece of paper. Those are all the ways that help me study for a test. I recommend others to not leave it at the last minute. Eventually, you’ll find a study habitat that works best for you.

Maqdous from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Somerset Area Senior High School