Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It took me many years and many not-so-good test scores to realize what test preparation practices work best for me and help me to succeed in my academics. My first step begins about a week before my test date, and it starts with me taking the time to decide exactly which academic areas I need to improve on for my test. I do this by looking back at past assignments and notes to see what skills I don’t completely understand and then I make a bulleted list with each area of improvement written down in detail. This allows me to only study the information I don’t understand and to keep my studying organized. Next, I assign each day before my test to a certain skill that I need to practice. Each of those days, I watch videos, do practice problems, read through class notes, and if needed I meet with my peers for even more practice.
The most important part of my test preparation process is to go to bed early the night before the test and eat a nutrient rich and balanced breakfast. Personally, when I do not get enough sleep I become incredibly unfocused and forgetful, thus causing me to panic on my test. Also, by going into a test with an empty stomach, the constant stomach growl will cause you to lose your train of thought.
Furthermore, I am a very visual learner, there is something about seeing a picture instead of a bunch words just resonates better with me. Therefore when I’m studying I convert all the definitions and words in my notes to pictures and diagrams so I can get a better grasp of what is at hand.
To conclude, not all study methods or test preparation skills work for everyone, but these are what work for me and have showed clear improvement in my test scores.

Anna from Washington
High School Senior
Hazen High School