Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

A variety of test preparation tools worked for me. I am not one to study very much, but when I do I use books, online courses, videos, and repeated test taking to make me prepared for tests.

Using books to prepare for tests and in particular standardized tests, gave me a better way to practice for the test. Many books about the SAT and ACT as well as the ASVAB test offer valuable practice problems to prepare you for the test. This allowed me to prepare for the exam by having a few practice problems I could do each day. It also gives a way for students to warm up their brain on test day. Many tests are early in the morning and students’ brains generally are not firing on all pistons so to speak. By completing five or so practice problems the morning of the test, students are able to warm up their brains and get in the test taking mindset.

Online courses and videos are also very helpful because you can learned strategies and techniques that others have used to pass the test. For example there are several standardized test courses presented by those who have aced the tests who offer very valuable, unknown tips about the test. In preparing for my ACT test, I participated in a two hour live session with an English and math teacher who explained how questions are worded to trick you and how to work through the mess to find the answer. I improved my ACT score by three points after this session.

Finally just taking the test a few times helped me to prepare for the test. After taking the ACT test six times, I scored a 31 composite score and 35’s in both reading and English. By taking the test multiple times, I was able to know the format better and thus make my studying more efficient. One last tip is to study up until two nights before the test. Take so time off from school and study the whole day. Do as much practice as possible and then don’t wear out your brain the day before. Then day of the test do some practice problems to warm up your brain.

Zachary from Florida
High School Senior
Classical Preparatory School