Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I graduated high school with a 3.7 GPA. Although that’s pretty good; I realized I could have done even better if I had a study plan. By the end of the fall semester of college, I knew I had to make some adjustments. I began to understand that going to class and simply reading the text was not enough to be an A student.
During the spring semester, I took a biology professor who was known for giving difficult tests and a statistics professor whose tests accounted for 50 percent of the final grade. Knowing the test were important, I decided to execute a true study plan.
I realized that visiting my professors during office hours is beneficial to gaining insight and understanding of the material. I also participated in study groups which allowed me to simultaneously assist and learn from my classmates. Understanding my learning style was also important. I am a visual and hands-on learner; seeing graphics helps me to understand the materials. Whenever I was unsure about a topic, I would watch YouTube videos to gain a greater understanding. Creating a colorful, written “cheat sheet” with illustrations helped to me highlight important aspects of the materials.
All these study habits were beneficial to my improvement, however, eliminating procrastination was most significant to my success. Planning an organized study schedule and outlining specific tasks was extremely helpful. Studying well in advance, managing time and assignments resulted in significant improvements in my grades. My test score in biology went from 70 percent to 86 percent. My biology professor sent an email congratulating my success saying, “Excellent performance on the exam! I knew you would do it.” My statistics final exam was an 85. I ended the spring semester with a 3.5 GPA! I was overjoyed and encouraged; now I am driven to perform better on tests and study efficiently.

Keturah from Georgia
College Freshman
North Carolina A&T State University