Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To properly prepare oneself for a test, one may take several approaches to studying. The studying method that works best for me are forms of active learning. Active learning is a type of learning that involves students engaging in the learning process directly than other learning styles. Taking notes and listening to lectures is not active learning or studying. Active learning styles can be teaching others, rewriting notes down, connecting to what you learn to everyday life scenarios, case studies and group projects. The two styles that work the absolute best for me are rewriting notes and student teaching. Rewriting notes helps me to retain what I learned better because when I physically write things down, my mind retains much more information. I will often rewrite certain notes at least 5 times or when I can explain them in detail. Repetitive writing is what works best for me to retain information is long term. I have adopted this method through anatomy and physiology courses I've taken in the past. I studied for this course through rewriting the many processes that the human body endures. Through this method of active learning, I still remember these processes to this day. I have now realized that rewriting notes is what is best for me to retain information. Student teaching is also a way to reinforce information. Through teaching, I learn at the same time. Helping others in study groups helps me retain the information better. Helping others learn closes any gaps in my knowledge. In recent studies, teaching others information is what the most beneficial to information retention. The students that generally help others may often be the ones that are the most successful in a course. Helping and teaching others helps me to retain information and to help me remember it long term. Active learning is a kind of learning is the most effective way to study. If one can master active learning, they will be successful in any course.

Calvin from Michigan
College Junior
Muskegon Community College