Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a student, test are always a pain when taking them at the exact moment. The homework, quizzes and study guides are always easy to understand because they do not stress a person out as much other than a test. Any kind of test, doesn't matter what test, a math, science, or English, just the name test is already stressful. My strategies for taking any kind of test is by taking a good nice rest before the test starts. Relax and do not think about the test because too much stress will cause many more people forgetting stuff easily. Getting a good rest at night always helps me because I feel ready for the day and not lazy.
Next thing is to study just enough but not too much. Because too much studying can lead to students getting off track and not caring about their studies. I experienced that over the years but I felt like my senior year was the year I got it down and my year went smoothly. Lastly is to eat a good breakfast because people are always hungry and you do not want to be thinking about the food after the test. Eating helps me feel energized and relax. Food will always calm you down and make you focus because food is the best thing ever. My final words is, a test is just a test. Relax and learn as each test proceeds because its the process that matters and the prize at the end.

Dionte from New Mexico
High School Senior
Central High