Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Speaking from the perspective of a high school student, I can say that preparing for a test is not easy. We've all been in the position before. You sign up for a standardized test like the SAT/ACT and have no idea where to begin studying or preparation. From that point on, fear creeps in and your nervous until the test. However, I have many strategies to help prepare and achieve the best result possible.

The first preparation practice I have utilized is to sign up for the test or be aware of the test as early as possible. Want to take the SAT or ACT? Then you should be aware of the dates and time in between. This can even apply to a test or exam from a teacher. Knowing the exact day of the test ensure time to prepare for it. In essence, the sooner you know the better.

The next step is to create a practice schedule. Allow yourself maybe an hour per day to familiarize yourself with the test. Things like the types of questions, the material you are being tested on, and your strengths and weaknesses are all great areas to tackle as you prepare for a test. The more time equals more comfortability.

A major key in preparation is dedication and motivation. Ask yourself, why am I taking this test? How will it benefit me? If it is something like the SAT/ACT, you may be taking it to secure merit scholarships to the university of your choice to cover the cost to further your education. If it is for an AP or dual-enrollment class, you may seek to earn the college credit and prove to yourself that you are strong enough to take such rigorous courses. Whatever the case, you must understand your why and put in the time/effort to achieve your goal.

Now that you have done the strategies above, here comes the big day. The next practice is to breathe! You should take the test with a clear, open mind. Awake that day with confidence. Tell yourself you can do this right before the test starts. If you follow these steps, I guarantee a smooth, successful test with great results

Karrington from Florida
High School Senior
Spoto High School