Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for tests is something I admittedly have struggled with up until recently. In high school, I was able to get by through cram studying, which allowed me to pass, but I wasn’t understanding the material, I was merely memorizing things, only to have that information flushed from my memory until I had to go through the whole process again for a final or subsequent test. In college, I’ve quickly learned that this is not an effective or advisable method. In my opinion, the biggest thing regarding successful test preparation would be to take copious notes in a manner that makes sense for the individual, rather than just blindly copying what the teacher writes or says. It’s important to review these notes regularly and to form your own notes on readings from the textbook or other assignments. I’ve found that things such as mnemonic devices or developing some type of rhyme for things I don’t understand or can’t remember tend to work surprisingly well for relatively any subject.
I’m the type of person that struggles to seek help from instructors, and I think that YouTube can be a really valuable tool, so long as it doesn't become a distraction. For example, I was taking a Statistics course a year ago, and for concepts I didn’t understand, I would search for videos that gave me detailed instructions on that concept. The nice thing about YouTube is that you can re-watch directions you may have missed or need extra work on, and you can continue watching until you understand it, whereas you might not necessarily receive that type of help in the classroom. It’s important to try to apply what you learn by watching these videos or doing other research before you take a test, therefore if you still do not understand the material you can then ask for help from the teacher or a peer.
On the day of a test, the most important thing is having the confidence that you are adequately prepared for it. If you’ve studied hard, and you know the material, you shouldn’t have any stress.

Jacob from Washington
College Sophomore
Lower Columbia College