Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In every conceivable educational setting in which weekly, bi weekly or monthly testing is standard, having solid and efficient methods to prepare yourself is key to a prosperous academic life. Initially, the most underused and severely underappreciated method to success over a subject matter is to be fully involved during the classroom guidance and to comprehend as much as possible from the start to ensure a smoother transition to test prep. In today’s society, the impact of technology has been a blessing and a curse. To effectively provide yourself with the depth and clarity you need for any significant test or exam, it is imperative that technology plays a minimal role in any study time. In addition to this, personally i enjoy putting on lyric-less music to take away the potential monotony and boredom that may come with schoolwork. It is key that the music be noninvasive as most music can be very distracting. A method that i employ for test preparation is to find a linear, comprehensive review of most, if not all, of the material being tested on and specifically tune into the items or topics that don’t necessarily come to mind easily and use those as a main focus for studying. A method that i have used all throughout my academic career is to keep a well detailed and organized journal/composition of course work, previous tests, and activities in order of how they are taught in the classroom. As you progress in the course you will begin to layer each topic and build upon the skills learned previously. Using this method, in combination with visiting your course material at least once or twice a week, the concepts will start to become ingrained in your mind until it becomes second-nature. If used properly and consistently, some topics will become trivial to the point where not as much study time is needed which allots time for preparation of comparatively unfamiliar topics. The ultimate responsibility and reward for a student is to learn. Don’t waste the opportunity.

Braeden from Texas
High School Senior
James Madison High School