Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I tend to have customized studying habits. This is necessary because I deal with test anxiety. I use ways that keep me focused and fill my brain with information. I have two study methods - one for what I would call regular in-class tests and one for AP exams. For instance, to prepare for my pre-calculus test, I always refer back to my class notes and use past quizzes and tests that were given prior to the final exam. I like using Khan Academy when I get stumped on how to solve a problem. When studying for an anatomy test, things actually become fun. This class comes with many terms that have to be memorized. For me, using Quizlet is the best method. Once I enter these terms into Quizlet, I have the ability to practice memorizing them in several ways. You can create a sample multiple choice, fill in the blank or matching test. You can also create flash cards and mini games. And if you want to know if you have mastered the material, Quizlet has a feature that allows you to see what you have mastered and areas that need more review.

When I had to study for my AP European history test, I used a different approach. The class material was much more challenging so just reading the chapters wasn’t enough. First, I made flash cards for each important person or event per chapter. This way for each chapter I knew that these key elements would likely be on the test and I had a quick review ready to go. Another method for this class was color coding. For each chapter, my teacher gave the class a layout of the topics. I used that layout and highlighted the text in three colors. One color represented the material that I had mastered, the second color was for material that I understood but needed more studying, and the third color represented material that I just couldn’t get.

I recognize that it takes me a few different ways to study for a test and be successful. But, my separate methods have helped increase my test score average and has boosted my confidence going into each e

Jordyn from Kentucky
High School Senior
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