Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best test preparation for me is to handwrite out the information I am attempting to memorize. Oddly enough, I have found I am even more successful when I write out this information in a colored pen versus a pencil or black pen. Additionally, I learn vocabulary words or definitions best through creating a song. If there is a way to add rhymes and movements to material, trust me I’ve done it. This has helped me be quite a bit more successful and also create a variety of neuropathways so that I can remember the information one way or another.
For subjects such as math, in order to prepare for my tests, I have found the most success by hands-on practicing problems before taking the tets. In a way, I use my study guide to create practice tests and see if I can handle it. This works amazingly for me and helps ease my test anxiety since I’ve seen similar problems before and worked through them in a comfortable environment. Approaching math this way has changed how I think about it and has helped me to be more confident in my mathematical skills.

Lindsey from Idaho
High School Senior
Capital High School