Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe that you should always be studying for tests little by little. For my lecture classes, which are the classes I have to study the most for, I have 2 notebooks. In class, I take notes on what the teacher says rather than what is on the PowerPoint since they post it anyways. Instead, I take notes about hints for what might be on the test, helpful ways to memorize something, or any other thing the teacher says. When I’m home, I take my second notebook and write down what is on the PowerPoints. I use headings and different colors such as writing all equations in red. I then go back and annotate my notes in my 2nd notebook with notes that I had in my 1st, based on what I wrote in class that I deem helpful. After every chapter I finish, I take 1 day to go back with a highlighter. This forces me to read the content and analyze the important parts. Once a week I will look through all my notes to make sure I understand the content. The week before my test is revision time. At this point, I should already be pretty familiar with the content and just need to revise and review. For this, I created “The One Page System.” I rewrite every chapter onto one page of notes (eg. for 7 ch. have 7 pages, one for each ch.). I include details that I might not know yet, equations to memorize, and summaries of the main topics. I like doing this because it forces me to keep up with my work and also, it makes it easier to study since I only have to study 1 page of notes per chapter rather than my notebook. From the 1 page, I will study efficiently and if there is a topic I don’t understand, I make sure to look back in my notebook and do sample problems. This 1 page is like my personal study guide. 2-3 days before a test, I like to sit down and do a practice test. Either my teachers provide these practice tests, or I Google one based on the concepts. The night before the test, I simply reread my one page of notes. It is more important to study ahead of time and get a good night’s rest.

Pratiksha from Florida
College Sophomore
University of South Florida