Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

You flip to the first page of your test, hoping that the easiest questions are first. You're shocked when you realize you don't remember how to do any of the problems on the first page. You continue to flip through the pages until you reach the end, finally coming to the realization that you should have studied better. This situation is one that no one desires to be in.
In order to do well, you must first study well. Efficient studying takes time, which is why you must first schedule a time for you to study every day. The time you schedule will depend on how much material you will be tested on, but I suggest that you study for at least an hour each day for a week before your test. Daily studying will allow you to thoroughly go through, practice and understand the information needed while retaining all of the information. When cramming it is easy to miss important topics/steps and forget information. Daily studying will combat that issue.
It is also important to figure out the environment that best suits you when studying. Some need background noise, others must be in a silent area. Some must be in a familiar area such as their room, while others must be in an area such as the library. Find what space you need to fully focus on the task at hand.
Sometime within the last three days before your test, it would be best to exchanged notes with another classmate. Many times, we miss essential information that other students may jot down. Exchanging notes diminishes the likelihood of this occurring.
Finally, although this is something we have been told since elementary school it is something that many of us neglect to do, get enough sleep! A tired brain is one that has a difficult time retaining information as well as recalling information. It is important to get enough sleep the night before the test to ensure you perform at your absolute best.
All in all, in order to succeed you must efficiently prepare yourself correctly to perform at your very best in order to excel.

Kaymesha from Massachusetts
College Junior
Boston University