Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

We as students have been challenged constantly on material we have learned through tests. Preparing properly for tests is crucial for your success in any course. In cases where the test consists of things such as vocabulary that needs to be memorized, one of the best methods for test preparation is writing what you need memorized onto a piece of paper. This method often goes unappreciated, but taking the time to write the necessary information down and seeing it in your own handwriting goes much further than reading. Writing is active and forces you to think about what you are doing whereas looking at the information is more passive and can be done without fully taking the information you are reading in. When studying for a test that is not based on memorization the best test preparation practice is studying at least a week before the test, not the night before. Tests measure your knowledge of the subject and when you wait until the last minute you are depending on your memorization skills to get you through the test. Taking the time beforehand to study gives you time to learn the subject and get help when you need it. With more time to study you do not have to worry about a time crunch, you will have time to ask the professor questions, get together a group of friends who are also taking the course, and study when you like. Determine whether you learn better in the morning or at night and recognize when you need a break, but don't take too many! Learning in groups is also beneficial and can expose you to new ways of thinking. Remember to go back over the material after your group session so you know if you know the material by yourself. If you are studying alone take the time to create a good environment for yourself whatever it may be. Some people work better with music on and some prefer complete silence, it depends from person to person. An environment where you are comfortable is essential because if there is anything wrong you might focus on that too much!

Christian from Arizona
College Sophomore
University of Arizona