Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am always prepared for my tests due to having so many options in how I want to study and prepare myself for upcoming tests. The test preparation that works best for me is writing out my work onto note cards and read out the questions and answers out loud. Another thing that I would also do for my test preparations is to go through everything very carefully and be able to gradually memorize everything to ace my test. Also, the way how I study for tests is to say everything out loud when I am studying. Another way that I would use to study would also be reading out my terms and try to memorize it by remembering one word of the definitions or functions for my terms. For example, if I had to memorize the word "capillaries" and its functions, I would have to memorize that the function for capillaries is the connector of arteries and veins. I would say out loud, "capillaries, connectors" because they both start with a C. These are ways on how I normally study and it always works for me because for me as an individual, I am a visual learner. I love to learn my terms or any kind of school work by saying things out loud with my voice and do things that are hands on such as drawing out images as examples for myself to make it easier for me to be able to memorize. Using note cards can be very time consuming for me but in the end, the outcome of studying with note cards can result in a very good thing because I have use up my time wisely to write down on note cards and have studied hard for a test. As long as I use my time wisely to study hard using all of these methods and not slack off, I know that I will do great on my tests.

Hillary from Minnesota
High School Senior
Harding Senior High School