Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my time as a student, I have gone through a lot of trial and error when it comes to studying for exams. But because of this, I was able to find what ways work for me, and which ones definitely do not. My favorite study method would have to be working with a study group. All of your peers are facing the same exam you are, and sitting down together to work through a review is an extremely effective way of tackling the material. Each of you has learned the same material, but work it out in different ways in your mind. Many times while in a study group, a concept that I had been struggling with clicked when it was explained in a new way. Another group method was something I applied in my Chemistry class, in which we couldn't be exactly sure what problems we would have on the exams. Each of us would make a short, 10 questions or so long quiz, which we would trade off and try to solve. This was helpful, in not only did it give me the challenge of thinking like my Professor and how he would write an exam, but it also allowed me to test my knowledge with my classmates practice quiz. A group might not always be the best option for some classes, however. In this case, I like to study by making flashcards, if there is a lot of terminology to know. A method I apply, whether or not I am in a group, is to organize what I find to be the key points of the information presented into a list, and make sure that I am able to fully explain each of the key concepts and how they are connected. The final method that I find to be helpful is to write out a "cheat sheet", on a single piece of paper, write down everything you may think you will need to know for the upcoming exam. This acts as a study guide for you, and looking back through all your notes and slides helps you to be able to recall information better than you would have been able to just by reading it again. While it is called a cheat sheet, I wouldn't recommend using it to cheat on your exam.

Paige from Arizona
College Sophomore
University of Arizona