Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Websites, such as Quizlet, Khan Academy, and, surprisingly, YouTube, aid me in achieving the best possible outcome when it comes to my education. Of course, there are actual written techniques I take advantage of to better educate and prepare myself to go along with these online methods, but I have an easier time studying when I have technology’s helping hand.

With a website like Quizlet, I have the ability to write up a list of vocab words and their definitions. The site gives you the options of studying from electronic note cards, seeing the definition and typing the answer, a game, or a customizable practice test. My personal favorite is being given the definition and typing the answer. I, luckily, have a photographic memory; when I see a definition, I am able to determine a few easily recognizable words to associate with the word it goes with.

Despite YouTube allowing anyone to post a video on their site, some of them are actually credible. One of the YouTube channels that I’ve seen my teachers use is called “Crash Course,” including John and Hank Green. Together,they, along with a few other credible people, create videos to better explain certain lessons and topics. Quite a few of their videos have helped me to better understand topics in my economics class.

Khan Academy, specifically used for educational purposes, allows only credible sources to post on their website. This tool supplies videos and short, written lessons to aid high school students and teachers in learning more about any topic in any subject, including AP courses. They also have SAT and ACT practice. If I don’t understand a certain part of a lesson or want to see another technique to solve a problem, I’ll simply look up the lesson on Khan Academy’s site.

These are just a few of the online study techniques that I use to get myself ready to ace an upcoming test. They have all helped me to achieve the steady A and B grades I have received throughout my high school education.

Sierra from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Karns City High School