Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout all of my high school years, I have been successful in remaining in the A honor roll. I believe that my test preparation practices have helped me to accomplish this. The first and most effective way to prepare for a test, in my opinion, is to have someone quiz me on either the review questions given to me by my teacher or written by me on the subject material. The question method benefits me in two ways which is why I find it to be the most effective. Firstly, by writing the questions I am able to further learn the material better because it helps me to recall, understand and process the material better. The question method also helps me prepare because when someone is asking me questions and forcing me to think about the answers, it emulates the format of a test. The question method forces me to study by writing the questions and then by taking a verbal test. The second test preparation method which I find to be the the most effective for tests, and which I used recently for my Government and Economics AP exams, is watching videos about the subject that I will be tested on. In watching videos, I am able to focus on a specific category that I may not understand, and this better prepares me for the material on the test. One of the greatest benefits of watching videos is that it is like being taught the information again. This can serve as a quick refresher before a test which helps me to recall any information I may have forgotten. All in all, both of the presented test preparation practices have helped me to be successful throughout high school and prepare for tests even when I am short on study time. I plan to utilize these practices during my college years to ensure that I remain as successful.

Tavia from Texas
High School Senior
Health Careers High School