Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test and work preparations are difficult to many students around the world who struggle with on a daily basis. A single studying procedure that works for one student may not necessarily work for another, with a prime example of tutoring. Another example is test reviews, which provide no assistance to individuals who are simply poor test takers, myself included. This is why my method for test preparations is an all around method that benefits individuals that face the same problems that I have. I usually start off my test preparation by looking over any notes that I have already taken, and catching up on any terms, or important information. I also might ask a friend to compare notes, and go beyond my scope and get outside ideas and interpretations of the material. But I don’t stop there, and use outside help that almost anyone can use. I will usually make my own study guide by using online resources, especially the popular website ‘Quizlet”. As someone who do not have parents that can quiz me in their free time, seeing how my single mother of three have most of her time trying to take care of the welfare of her kids, Quizlet is a good alternative. The website has very unique features that allow me to use note that I have to the fullest of their abilities. The “Learn” ability is also helpful and is the most efficient tool that I use. I do these steps because not only does it help me keep the information fresh within my mind, but also help with my poor ability to test. Using online resources allows me and others with similar weakness feel like anxious and nervous before the test date, because it's almost as if I’m taking the test at home. Unlike a test review where a large quantity of questions is just thrown to the student, comparing your notes, and then using them in a test like style on popular websites similar to Quizlet covers all the bases of test preparation,allowing me to feel confident and prepare for my test date.

Cortez from South Carolina
High School Senior
Spring Valley High School