Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When mid-terms and finals are right around the corner, I allow myself to have enough time to prepare. Cramming may be effective for some people but for me, it is not. The first thing I do when preparing is to try to clear my mind of everything going in my life. I make sure I'm not busy a few days before a test so that I can focus on studying. On days that I am preparing, I make sure to take good care of myself, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Asking the teacher for what materials will be on the test or asking for a study guide is very helpful. After receiving the materials, I go ahead and make flashcards. Making tangible flashcards is a very effective way of studying for me. I make sure to carry them around with me wherever I go. I ask whomever is around me to quiz me using the flashcards.
Another way that I prepare for an exam is I create study groups. It is likely that there are students who understand something that you don't and vice versa. Sometimes students understand the material and can explain it to you in a way that you understand it more. Creating study groups has been a very effective way of preparing for exams because it gives me a sense of security and confidence that I'll pass my exams.
These are a couple methods that I've been using to prepare for my exams. There are many ways a student may prepare for exams but these have been the most effective for me.

Madelyne from California
High School Senior
Manual Arts Senior High School