Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before a test, my favorite thing to do is not study and imitate a genius in the field. Instead of cramming to make sure I know all the information and just skimming stuff, I build confidence in myself by embodying a prominent figure in the field I am testing in. I have already done the work to make sure that I know the material and that it has stuck and trust my teachers that they have taught me the correct information. Therefore, there is no need to go second guess my knowledge. Of course, if the time period between lessons and tests quite some time apart, a little refresher in some spots would not hurt. However, I will maximize my time doing things that keep me calm and stress levels low, like playing viola or planning out the reorganization of my room, all while keeping an expert in mind all of the time to boost confidence for the test. It helps me not second guess myself while slowly giving me confidence without having to do much impersonation.

Jaylon from Virginia
High School Senior
Nansemond River high school