Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Something that struck me during my first year of college was how different college was from high school. College is bigger, expensive, and most importantly, more rigorous. I was an AP and honors students in high school so difficult classes were not new to me however, I never needed to put in the extra work to succeed and by the end of high school, I ended up graduating with a 3.8 GPA. I never studied because I never really had to that is, until I started college. I quickly learned in the beginning of my first year after a failed test that minimal effort was not gonna cut it and that I could not afford to procrastinate to the last minute anymore. In college, teachers grade more harshly, are less lenient, and typically do not accept late work. When the next test rolled around, I made an attempt to study however, my study habits were sloppy at first. All I did was just read over my notes over and over again which is not an efficient study habit. I scored better than the last test but I knew I could do better if I put in more effort. I started to grow frustrated because I knew i had to do better but I didn't know how to do better. Eventually, my frustration soon came to an end when I had a unit in my psychology class called "learning to learn". In this unit, I was taught effective study habits and how to apply them to my school work. I learned that quizzing yourself, teaching someone else the content, and color coordinating notes is very efficient in learning something new. Quizzing yourself with practice tests is helpful because it prepares me for the actual test especially if the practice test has the same type of questions that the real test will have. I use Quizlet to create practice tests for me. Teaching someone else the content helps me because it deepens my understanding of the content if I hear myself explaining it to someone else. Color coordinated notes keep them neat and organized to make looking through them a lot easier and encourage me to look at them.

Brianna from Arizona
College Sophomore
The University of Arizona