Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I suffer from severe procrastination habits, so the typical routine of consistent spread out studying does not work for me. I find it difficult to motivate myself to study for a class when I don’t have the very real possibility of failure looming above me. Since I already know that I won't be able to find motivation later on to learn the material, I make an effort to pay attention and take good notes during class. I tend to write in little jokes or drawings in my notes that help me remember the material in my own weird way. These little oddities that I include in my notes are very helpful for when I eventually do my one study session, because I can actually remember and grasp the concept of what was being taught all over again. The “meat” of my studying is my intense cram session. My routine has slight differentiations depending on the class but all my test prep sessions have the same basic outline. First I read my notes that I took during class, and I mentally check off the sections of materials that I understand. Once I am left with the material I feel like I need to work on I rewrite notes for them. When I rewrite sections of material I need to study I either write my own notes into a clearer format or go online and look at other notes for the topic and add it to my original. After looking over my new notes I move on to the quizing portion of my study session. I typically enlist the help of my mom during this time, she asks me about various topics within the material and I try to explain the content to her correctly. This style of quizzing is really effective in grasping a firm understanding of the material because I have to actually explain the topics presented to me. After all my testing with my mom, I usually take one quick look over my notes and call it a night.I know my method of preparing for a test is not everyone's forte, but it has withstood the force of three different AP classes, and I cannot foresee myself differing from my routine unless necessary.

Rebecca from Virginia
High School Senior
Fluvanna County HighSchool