Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Years ago, I learned a technique for studying and test preparation. This proven method aides with committing materials to long-term memory. The process has three stages: short-term, working, and long-term memory. Three exposures of the material will commit it to long-term memory. The first exposure, such as reading textbooks, commits the material to short-term memory. The second exposure utilizes an innate learning method to commit the material to working memory. I’ve discovered that I’m a visual learner and memorize best when I demonstrate spatial-kinetic intelligence. Instead of jotting down outlines, I recreate charts. When I close my eyes, I’m able to place a word in its precise position. I recall best when I create a song and dance out of the subject matter which triggers earworms and muscle memory. Each keyword is associated with a melody and body movement. It’s a trifecta of redundancy! The final exposure is reviewing the material to commit it to long-term memory. I should choose any topic and recite everything I know about it. I should hardly peek at my notes and recall strictly from memory. This system takes preparation and must be done over time to be effective. Any student can apply this procedure once they have discovered their natural learning devices which take advantage of their instinctive intelligences. Everyone learns differently; it is vital to understand what that process is in order to truly grasp any material. Occasionally when I don’t have time to study, I hack my subconscious into remembering things from my short-term memory. For example, since the olfactory lobe triggers memories extraordinarily, I chew one flavor of gum or wear a specific scent of perfume while studying. Then during the exam, I chew the same flavor of gum or wear the same perfume. It brings up memories from studying. It’s an incredible biological gift! The absolute best way to become an expert in any subject is to teach it to someone else.

Janet from Pennsylvania
College Junior
Western Governors University