Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Contrary to what people say about advanced preparation, I am someone who works more efficiently when I feel pressure at the end of the day. Although I study throughout the week and work diligently on my coursework, I am most focused and hardworking the weekend before the test. The pressure allows me to focus and study at the most efficient rate and helps me to block out any distractions. However, this does not mean I learn all the materials at the last minute. Through class notes and homework, I remain familiar with the materials taught in class; then, I use test preparation as a time to review all previous class materials including notes, quizzes, and tests.
Before studying for a test, I organize a plan that states the study materials and the length for each material. By setting this system with a time limit for each section, I make sure I am on task and with enough time to review each segment within a chapter or subject. During my actual test preparation, I initially read through my notes to become more familiar with the subject and refresh on any material that I had forgotten. When I come across something I do not know or understand, I take note of that section and reteach myself after finishing the review. Secondly, I review questions from quizzes and homework, especially the questions I missed to remember the mistakes I have made. I try to solve or answer the questions to make sure I understand the material correctly. Finally, I organize a notebook and online flashcard with the core materials and frequently missed questions that I went through. By collecting all the important ideas and materials I struggled with, I can focus on important materials rather than going through materials I already understand. Additionally, this method of rewriting notes and creating an online flashcard works best for me because I can study with the highest efficiency and effectiveness wherever I go.

Jeremiah from California
High School Senior
Cerritos High School