Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Testing for many people is difficult. Why? Because they didn't think through of how to prepare. Knowing ways to prepare will lead to success. My ways include staying organized, connected, and motivated. First, I stay organized by making schedules of when to take full-length practice tests and do 10 practice questions daily. Remembering my schedule can be tough sometimes. That is why I use my agenda. Second, staying connected with people is essential. The relationships you build is crucial. One might have free resources of test preparation practices that you never heard of. For example, thanks to my teacher, I was introduced to Khan Academy. From then on, I took many practice tests to prepare for my SAT and ACT. Lastly, staying motivated is also important. My motivation is not from getting a good test score. But from the future I could obtain. Therefore, those are my ways of preparing for tests. I hope this could help others.

Erin from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Prep Charter High School