Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I've always felt that I reviewed too much information. I wasn't actually retaining anything any I was simply going over chapter after chapter of just stuff that I couldn't remember. I wasn't doing well on exams and I didnt understand why, because i was studying. So what was going on? I finally figured out that reviewing small portions day after day instead of cramming 1-2 days before the exam was going to work fo me, and it did! I now take notes of the "important" things and continue reading the chapter/topic I'm on and go back to my notes. The information makes a lot of sense because it's in my own words. I then go back to the chapter and re-read what I previously read. This time Im processing the information with the understanding that i actually know what its explaining because I have explained it to myself before (per y notes). I really feel like Im absorbing he information instead of just reading what is written and pretending like I know what is being said. Ive come to realize that on test day I can read the question being asked and I recall a unique way my notes put something and I know what is being asked because its in my own language. I realize not all students learn the same way and therefore I really had to find a way that worked for me. I don't think reading and retaining the information works for everyone but you definitely have to find what works for you and do it fast. This method is time consuming, as you are essentially doing double or triple the work but eventually the information makes sense and exams are not as difficult. I wish I would have tried to find a better learning method when I was in high school but I somehow though the given lecture was the only way to learn. I hope that students nowadays are given more direction and options when it comes to learning. We must acknowledge and accept that we are not only individuals with different preferences but that applies to every aspect in life even education and learning methods. Thank you.

Linda from Arizona
College Junior
Arizona State University