Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The purpose of school assessments is to measure students’ knowledge of specific subjects they have learned. Without school assessments, teachers will not get an actual understanding of their students’ knowledge of the curriculum nor will students actually try to learn the lesson. It is very important that students perform well on their assigned tests. Unfortunately, today in school settings, students face great difficulty when preparing for a test. Having difficulty preparing for a test only leads to poor performances on assessments. However, as a senior in high school, I believe that I have great test preparation methods that will not only improve tests scores but as well as decline the difficulty of studying for an assessment.

One of my worst subject that I was not very successful when it came to tests was mathematics. Every time my math teachers announced major assessments, I would freeze up and doubt my self studying for the test, which leads to me not to be as successful as other students in my math classes. Luckily, everything changed once I came up with new personal test preparation skills for my math classes. The test preparation methods that I came up with always wrote an outline for the test, practice scenarios on flash cards, go back and check your work, and arrive early on test day.

All three of these test preparation skills worked because it gave me less anxiety and help me reach a higher confidence level within myself, as I knew the material better and had extra time to ask any last minute questions or concerns before the test. I went from being the last one to finish a test to be one of the top thirteen of the class to finish because of these methods exposing that it is best not to cram things at the last minute. Cramming notes at the last minute will only lead to you rushing through a test instead of actually taking your time, analyzing the material you learned and studying beforehand. I would not even have as many academic achievements as I do now if it wasn’t for these test preparation methods. It helped me realize that in order to be successful when completing a test is to always use the time to your full advantage; this will lead to a successful and less stressful path than instead of procrastinating and rushing through assignments in life.

Jaden from North Carolina
High School Senior
Heritage High School