Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation varies for every person. I’ve tried several different ways of test preparation that work for other people, but most of the time they do not work out for me. I found a few different ways that work for me. They differ based off of subject or type of test.
I first like to do a brief review session of the things I do and do not know. I’ll write a list of everything I know and then a separate list of what I need to go over, similar to a checklist. I’ll jump around from one topic to another to make sure that I can do it no matter what the order of questions, rather than in a specific order. If I study in a specific order, such as words, then I’ll only memorize them in that specific order, but if I jump around as I said before, then I am ensuring that I do in fact know the word and not just relying on a certain order.
When I study for a subject test I like to do practice problems, starting off easy and then increasing in intensity. This helps me to of course practice the material and get a better grip on what I’m doing. Another trick I use is that whenever I study I have to have a certain playlist on, preferably something that does not distract me but is catchy. I do this because when I study I have these songs on a loop and the songs stay with me through the test. I remember the songs and softly hum along which helps to jog my memory. On top of all that I guess you could say I have a photographic memory because if the page is laid out I’ll remember it later in the exact order and where I remember seeing that answer.
My personal favorite test preparation practice that seems to work for me every time is when I do practice problems. That way I can review what I did wrong so that I can try and correct it. On top of that method, I also use my song method of replaying catchy songs to remind me of what I went over. So as you can see, I have a couple of different ways of studying that work well for me.

Victoria from Virginia
High School Senior
Wakefield High School