Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe I have great test preparation practices. There are many helpful ways to prepare for a test, even if it isn’t a few days away. Listening attentively in class and taking efficient notes is the first step in preparing for a test. One of the most essential parts of preparing for a test is to do the homework consistently and not waiting until the last day to do all of the homework assignments. By doing problems on your own, you develop skills and understand the material better. You challenge your brain to think and find a way to solve a problem. Doing extra practice problems in addition to the assigned homework also tests whether or not you have a strong understanding of the material. At the end of each chapter, summarizing the key points and formulas help you focus on the big idea. If memorizing formulas is difficult, it is helpful to use flashcards and test yourself. When preparing for a test, it is important to go through your notes and the examples in the textbook and make sure you understand the concepts. Throughout your studying, it is imperative to take breaks in between to avoid getting burnt out. Taking breaks allows your brain to digest the information. By allowing yourself ample time to finish homework assignments and read through the textbook, you will not be pressured to cram everything the day before the test. You will have a strong understanding of the concepts and will only need to review the key points. By being consistent weeks/months before a test, you will be prepared for your next test without even knowing it!

Christine from California
College Freshman
Cypress College