Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Regarding my test taking strategies the most important one is preparation. I make sure to spend a certain amount of time weekly going over material. I also try not to procrastinate by planning my study time, I ask my teacher about what material will be on the test, and I used flashcards to memorize important vocabulary and information, and study with friends.
I try not to procrastinate in order to avoid “cramming” before a test. When I do try to overload on information the night before a test, I am left very weary, tired, and lethargic. This sort of studying is counterproductive and doesn’t usually improve my performance on exams. Preparation and planning my study time is important so that I avoid sacrificing sleep and get the most out of my material to do well on a test.
Teachers are usually very open to directing students towards what material to study in preparation for a test. Asking teachers for what materials will be on the test helps me to focus on studying specific topics. This prevents me from studying irrelevant material that will not be on the exam.
I usually review with a friend before a test. This helps me to make sure that I fully understand the material because if I can properly teach or convey a topic to someone it is likely that I understand. I review notes with a peer,work on assignments together, and quiz one another.
In order to study separate information like vocabulary I make flashcards. I take these flashcards with me everywhere and review them when I have the chance. This helps me memorize information like vocabulary or facts.
All of these methods are great for test preparation and have helped me do very well on my past examinations. Although these methods are great for me, different strategies maybe better for different individuals.

Karla from California
High School Senior
Manual Arts Senior High School