Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many testing options to take when practicing for highly anticipated tests. The best way is being to study and practice. Studying and preparing for a test is half the battle. Coming from a school where testing is deeply discouraged, my school, Humanities Prep., bases a student's intellect on their work. But when tests are given, they are heavily weighed. I personally believe that when studying for a test, the best way to do so is for me to gather information and pass it on. Whether it's from books or classwork, I know I need to collect as much as I can. Once I've done so, I try to tutor or explain the information to my friends or fellow students so that I can fully master a certain situation. For example, if there is a certain calculus problem that's rigorous to solve, I make sure I can tackle the problem on my own without help to then explain to others in my class how to efficiently solve the problem. By teaching or explaining to other people, I'm able to get the full grasp of a concept or problem. Another practice I utilize for tests is note taking. Remembering certain topics are usually a struggle when taking a test. Note taking is beneficial because my way of doing so is unique to me. I find when I write out my notes I try to incorporate notes from a previous lesson into the current one. Using this method, I find that I am able to understand new things with the old things I already know. I'm able to lock onto every topic because I know I can't learn the current topic without the older one. By joining different topics, concepts or definitions, etc., it allows me to never forget what was taught before since I'm applying it to everything I do. And lastly, I try not to overthink or stress about tests. At the end of the day, its just pieces of paper. When I start stressing things too much, it induces anxiety and a cluttered mind, it's hard to focus on my initial goal and certainly impacts my mood and performance. These specific methods go a long way!

Nicholas from New York
High School Senior
Humanities Preparatory Academy