Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone knows that college tests are the hardest tests known to mankind. In my first year of college, I had to learn how to study, and also learn how to prepare for what my teacher was going to put on the test. In this time, I found a process that helped me keep an awesome GPA, and I got to strengthen relationships with my professors. The first action in this process is to find a time to sit down and ask your professors what they recommended that you study. This may go over some of this in class, but sometimes a professor will use the textbook more than a Power Point presentation or vice versa. Ask them the kind of questions you should expect on the test. Do they use more multiple choice, or more short answer? I would also ask, “If you were a student in your class, how would you study for this exam,” and that is what you need to pay the most attention to. The next thing would be to get all your materials together. I normally use colorful pens, highlighters, notes, textbook, notebooks, and a laptop. I rewrite my notes in color so that I have a visual to study by. I also print the online notes or Power Points to highlight what my professor recommended. In the textbook, I will go over what we talked about in class or what specific areas I am struggling in. When it comes to the location of studying, I normally prefer a quiet room. More specific, I prefer a library were there are other people studying as well. Because it is quiet, I do not have any distractions, and because there are so many other people around I am less tempted to get on my phone, or watch Netflix. These study techniques are very helpful for me because I need something visual, and some accountability to make sure I get done what I need to, so that I make the best I can on exams and tests. I find that talking with my professors, making sure I have my materials, using visual studying tools, and making sure I have a quiet occupied space to study are all great test preparation strategies.

Kathryn from South Carolina
College Freshman
Charleston Southern University