Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to prepare well for an exam, I think it is most important that you plan your study sessions. This is very important because it allows you to make realistic goals of what you want to study and prevents "cramming" for an exam.
I like to make sure I have enough time before the exam, typically about 7 days. I grab a planner and make realistic goals around the other tasks I have to do that day. I find that if you study material in chunks rather than as a whole, it's not only less overwhelming but you actually retain the information better when it comes time to take the exam. Doing a little bit of daily studying throughout the week also keeps your brain refreshed on the information that you need to know. I like doing this method and having the day before to just go over all material to ensure my success.
Another test preparation practice that I have used to successfully study for exams are flash cards. This is the most well-known practice I believe because it uses memorization, and active recall. Active recall has been scientifically proven to create stronger neuron connections for memory trace. Therefore, flash cards are the best way memory-enhancing recall event, because they can easily facilitate repetition which leads to better memorization.
The last test preparation practice that I have found to be extremely helpful while preparing for an exam are classroom games. This is probably my favorite test preparation practice because it's productive and you learn a lot while also having fun. In my experience, classroom games to help prepare for an exam increases overall motivation and creates a sense of teamwork that allows students to bounce ideas off of each other. In the process of exchanging ideas, students are also able to teach each other and learn at the same time while also eliminating potential stress that studying alone can bring on a student.
These are the test preparation practices that I use, and hopefully they will be helpful to others as well.

Jacquilyn from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona