Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation routine is something I take pride in. It's unique style isn't replicated by many. My initial step is to boost morale. I want to feel confident and excited heading into the test. I never dwell on or fear the upcoming test. Instead, I actively recite to myself that this is a chance for me to display my skills and to better my grade. Next I establish an outline of every key points that I need to memorize or know before the test. After this step, I read over all of my notes and create a list of questions so I can test myself afterwards. Finally, I call a classmate so I can teach them the information. After I teach and run through the information, I listen to my friend teach me the information so I can hear it twice. This routine that I have, has stuck by m for the greater portion of my life. It allows me to walk into test day stress free. The steps that I take let me retain information at a high rate, and this has been proven by multiple scientific studies. Though these steps are important to me, the most powerful step is ensuring that I'm calm. This is so that I can focus on studying rather than stressing. This routine of mine has always worked for me and I look forward on bettering it as I continue to learn.

Kevin from Oregon
High School Senior
Madison High School