Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests, quizzes, and exams are some of the leading stressors for students in high school, college, and beyond. The preparation for tests differ from student to student, as different approaches and how efficient they are can be based on the person. Some students don't prepare at all and accept the grade that they will receive, some study only an hour before the exam, and some prepare over a variable amount of time. Personally, I try to spend time preparing a few weeks up until a few days before the exam.
Time is not the only important factor when preparing to take an exam. The specific practices are significant as well, but can depend on the exam being taken. For example, if the test is over vocabulary, I use a website or app that utilizes flashcards. This type of practice has proven to be successful for me many times, especially if the words and meanings are learned over an extended period of time. I learned from a psychology course that if you try to cram in the information all at once, your brain has a harder time remembering it later. I use my specific practices over a longer period of time so my brain can recall the information better while I am taking the exam.
While still implementing studying over time, another specific test preparation I practice is using practice exams. Some teachers may provide them, but if not, I usually try to find one online. It won't be the exact same test you will take in the classroom, but it can put you in the right mindset. If it is a comprehension test, a great way to study is to read through the textbook or assigned reading and take notes. Studying can be hard alone, so at times, having another person preparing with you can keep you focused and accountable.
To conclude, the most important practice is to start preparing well before the exam. For me, I try to use specific preparation practices based on what kind of exam I am taking. Every student prepares differently and these practices are what I have used and succeeded with.

Kayla from Indiana
College Freshman
Indiana University-East