Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

A key component to doing well in school and doing well on tests is to develop good study habits. The way we study can determine how much and how we retain information. Some people prepare for tests better by memorization, while others like to solve practice problems. I have developed my own methods of preparing for tests which have helped my grades flourish.
One method of test preparation that works for me is to begin studying well in advance. Attempting to study a whole topic’s-worth of material in a night or two is futile; it doesn’t give your brain enough time to understand and absorb the information. Instead, I will begin studying about a week or so before the day of a test. That way, there is enough time for me to fully review the material, but it's also short enough for the material to stay fresh in my mind for the day of the test.
Another method of test prep that helps me immensely is practice tests. If a practice test is not already offered by my instructor, I will compile different topic-related questions together for my own make-shift practice test. With that test, I will thoroughly solve every question in writing. If there is a question to be solved that I don't fully understand, I will use the resources available to me to figure out how to solve the problem, while making sure to take note of the solving method in writing. Research shows that you are more likely to remember information that you write down. The more important details I write, the better I am able to understand and remember it, as well as be able to reference it at a later date, instead of having to search through a textbook for the same information.
A crucial test prep that is often overlooked is, in reality, crucial to test success: a good night’s sleep and proper breakfast. As cliche as it sounds, not getting good sleep has a negative effect on the memory the next day, and an unbalanced breakfast can the state of your mind and body throughout the whole day. This is how I test prep.

Erica from New Jersey
College Junior
Seton Hall University