Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone always admires the good grades you get from taking a test but nobody knows the entire backstory of what it takes to succeed beyond expectations. I was always told by my grandfather that, "Proper preparation prevents poor performance." Everyone has their own methods to accomplish goals but everyone cannot practice the similar. Someone’s strategy to receive a great grade might not work the same way for another person. For example, my best friend and I both pass our classes with flying colors. We both study and ace most of our tests but my methods might not work for my best friend. When I know that their is a test approaching, I start planning how many hours a day I’ll commit to studying for that test. I will study at least two hours a day if I find out I have a test about a week before. Typically, I’d skim through my notes for about fifteen to twenty minutes before I take my shower. I do this so I can relax and let what I just skimmed through, marinate in my head. I try to focus on what I feel like I’m comfortable with so that when I get out of the shower I can look for what I remember to make sure that I am correct. When I get out of the shower I go through and make sure what I thought I knew, is correct before moving on. After this, I then read over the remaining notes before moving on to the next step. When I’m finished reading over what I don’t necessarily know off the top of my head, I make my own mini test. I will write out questions that I believe will be asked on the exam provided by the teacher. Then I go back and read over the notes one more time before I decided to get something to eat. I do this because I may not be able to study right before the exam provided by the teacher, so why study right before taking my mini test? After I finish my mini test, I go back and study over the ones I got wrong then I’ll put everything away and get ready for bed. I feel like if I sleep on what I just retained, it will all sink in overnight.

Vernice from Texas
College Sophomore
Bossier Parish Community College