Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation begins much earlier than when the test is assigned. Taking good notes and engaging in the class are the first steps to being successful on a test. However, once that has been done it's important to review your homework. If you can replicate or remember what has already been assigned then you are on the right track to being successful on a test. When studying, don't cram in the material the night before. Take time out of every day, a week prior, to practice relearning the material. Solving problems that you are familiar with and then approach the tougher ones. After an amplitude of studying has been performed it is time to have the right mind set. Preparing mentally for tests can be just as beneficial as being knowledgeable of the material. I have found success in planning out the day of my test. If you can predict how the rest of the day will go then you can spend the entirety of the day focusing on what you have studied. Everyone has different habits that lead to success on test, so it is important to feel comfortable to increase efficiency in the classroom. find out what works for you!

Owen from Idaho
College Sophomore
College of Western Idaho