Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In general, I study for tests by looking over all the notes I have taken or any outline that I may have created previously or is provided to me. Most exams do not have the time to go too in depth as they are covering weeks worth of material in an exam that will last around an hour and a half maximum. Students really only need to make sure they know and understand main points of the course content well and generally speaking, that will be good enough for most exams. This is why a brief glance over notes taken in class or outlines come in very handy as they are a brief list of all the topics covered for the exam and will provide a good refresher on the main points of the content. Obviously, there should be some customization for different classes as well depending on how that class is structured. For example, if a professor is known to have excerpts from the textbook verbatim on the exam, then it would definitely be worth it to re-read the textbook and maybe even memorize important paragraphs so that one is ready for those word-for-word questions straight out of the text. Ultimately, however, exams cannot be as detailed as lectures simply because of the nature of how courses are structured and a brief review of all the main points covered in the class would be sufficient!

Eldon from Virginia
College Junior
University of Virginia