Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test anxiety is real! To help conquer this, I have learned a variety of study skills and test preparation practices. First, I organize all my notes. When writing, I write in different colors, I highlight, underline, and box information. This breaks up the page so that it is easier to look at, rather than a boring page of words. Then, repetition. I repeat my notes by rereading them, reading them out loud, rewriting the important information, and rereading them again! Next, I typically try other ways of learning the materials. Googling songs, videos, or even comedy topics over it. Each time I hear or see something, it retains in my brain and helps me learn it. I study all the time. Even if I am certain I know the material, I continue to reread it. As the test gets closer, I start to quiz myself and have others quiz me. I take online quizzes and I make flash card quizzes. Whatever I can do to help myself learn the material, even if it feels extra. Finally, I prepare my mind for the test. I make sure to stay hydrated for weeks leading up to it. I eat nutritious foods. I am sure to get a full nights sleep the night before the test. Even if that means less studying time. Based on scientific evidence, a good nights sleep is beneficial before tests, so I follow this practice as well. I use breathing techniques to ease my anxieties. I do this hourly leading up to the test, and minutes before the test. Combining my study tips and my test preparation practices, I feel confident during and after my test. I am certain that I remain calm during the test. I am knowledgable over the material. These tips have truly helped me in the past and they will continue to help me in the future to conquer mine and others test anxieties.

Allison from Texas
College Sophomore
University of North Texas