Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Availability of educational platforms have allowed many within the workforce to return to school and obtain a higher education. Thus, study methods that help us as individuals are quite significant and play a fundamental roles in learning, studying, and retaining the information learned. The one thing that has helped me throughout high school identify some of the best ways to study was by taking an electronic learning style assessment that automatically calculated my results based on a variety of questions from my hobbies, preferences, habits, likes and dislikes. This helped identify my strongest learning style and provided great examples of the best study techniques to retain the information. Therefore, when I study I review my notes and refer back to my books to draw my own graphs and pictures. I also use a multiple array of colors to shade and pinpoint my weakest areas to focus on. A great example of this is studying the names and anatomical location of the skeletal system. Bones such as the tibia and fibula were one of the easiest to learn because my mother always associated them with growing pains, thus, I only outlined them signifying I was comfortable with these. On the other hand, the ulnar was difficult to retain, therefore, I used a color pencil and shaded this one with a reddish tone indicating that I needed a little more focus on this particular bone. Building my own stack of cards with colorful hand-drawn pictures helps me in two ways: rewriting the information, repetition, and visually engraving the information in my brain to be able to retain the information. At times, I cannot remember the answers when I take my tests, but if I sit and visualize what my specific notecard look like in particular my picture, I can normally remember and answer the questions correctly. The best advice for others when studying is definitely to take a learning style test and building your own colorful graphs and pictures to help remember what you prioritized and what is ne

Jocelynn from Arizona
High School Senior
Cibola High SChool