Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I tell people that my major is Software Engineering, they always remark on how difficult it must be. Adding that I consistently make the Dean’s list while also minoring in Cybersecurity and Applied Statistics shocks them. However, every major is hard; every course is demanding. What makes or breaks a college career is the attitude towards studying.

Over my three year stint in college, I’ve found the best studying method that works for me. The core of this method lies in taking notes. Most professors provide lecture slides. I always print the relevant slides and write notes on them as the professor explains. Following along ensures that I never lose any relevant details. It also helps me make connections and retain information.

Sometime after the lecture, I rewrite the notes. I incorporate information from textbooks and supplementary materials when rewriting. I divide notes by topic, utilizing different inks and spacing. I do so to improve readability. Imagine reading a document that consists of a wall of text with no punctuation – awful, right? Having distinct sections improves the transformation process.

My transformation process involves highlighting important details and transforming them into a new form via flashcards, index cards, maps or diagrams. This boosts my understanding and eliminates the chance of passive reading. Making flashcards and such at this point also guarantees that I’ll have more time for review when test dates approach.

The most helpful part of my preparation method is one many students neglect – revision. What’s the point of writing good notes if you’re only going to read them hours before the exam or never at all? While there’s no need to constantly reread old notes and study materials, revising after the end of every unit helps me keep key information in mind. Closer to test days, I review assignments, classwork, and study guides if available. Then, I practice with previous exam papers. Solving the questions on these papers ha

Ayomide from Georgia
College Junior
Kennesaw State University